Roadsafe Rider instructors Lynne Templeton and Andrew Templeton provide Learn to Ride courses, are NZTA qualified to provide Basic Handling Skills for your learner motorcycle license, and NZTA certified as CBTA assessors. Learner courses are based in the Wellington region.

Learn to Ride

2.5 hours

$190.00 incl. GST

Roadsafe's Learn to Ride course teaches the absolute beginner to ride a motorcycle (with clutch and gears), or scooter (automatic). It is a refresher course for people who have not ridden for some time, or have had little riding experience, and want more riding practise in preparation for Basic Handling Skills.

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Basic Handling Skills

Up to 6 hours

$220.00 incl. GST

Gain the first part of your Learner License by completing Roadsafe's Basic Handling Skills course, which includes training and practise for your Basic Handling Skills test (and includes the test itself). Returning riders who have a license find this is a great course to help them brush up on their basic riding techniques in the safety of an off-road area, before investing in the purchase of their own motorcycle. Learn to Ride and Basic Handling Skills courses can be completed on the same day with successful results. See more detail below.

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